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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ethiopia in DC...nothing like East African fun

"Dukem (pronounced DUK-em) named after a small city found south of Addis Ababa, the name "Dukem" brings nostalgic memories of the best 'Tire Siga'. For most Ethiopians when they are at Dukem Restaurant they feel like they are back home."
If you want to feel like you left America when you never left your neighborhood, going to a place like Dukem will help you to escape the states. Dukem is a restaraunt, but it mind as well be Ethiopia Jr. Dukem is a great place to explore food, culture and music at the same time. Don't expect an uptight environment, or even everything to go perfectly. Expect a good time, loud chuckles, and laughs. They're are no rules here and you can wear what you want, eat with your hands and not be called, a pig, savage or slob. What's even better about little Ethiopia (Dukem) is that ALL people from all walks of life are welcomed. The ambiance is relaxed, warm and inviting, and the prices are affordable for anyone with a job. If you want to hang out with your old college buddies, this is the place to engage in sharing not only your life experiences but your food. The portions are large and can feed up to four people at a time. There is something for everyone, spicy food lovers, vegetarians and even alcoholics, there's a drink menu, and we all now an alcoholic or two, so don't act like you don't. Dukem is easy to reach, no need to worry about finding a parking spot just exit the U street/African American Civil War Memorial Metro Station. But enough ranting and raving about great food at Dukem, get off of that round behind and check it out for yourself.
Love, Patti

Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant
1114-1118 U St. N.W. 
Washington, DC 20001 
(202) 667-8735

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  1. This is by far the best Ethiopian restaraunt in the DMV and I am from Ethiopia.