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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The edge of the wedge....Happy Spring feet!

Highlight those legs, make yourself taller and appear smaller....rock this years hottest wedges. You can chose from the top of the line Zanotti's, Schuh's, and Pierre Hardy or go for a reasonable pair from Aldo. It's all about how you rock them....spring on! 

Pierre Hardy

Giuseppe Zanotti



My favorite! Tribal inspired Giuseppe's

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ethiopia in DC...nothing like East African fun

"Dukem (pronounced DUK-em) named after a small city found south of Addis Ababa, the name "Dukem" brings nostalgic memories of the best 'Tire Siga'. For most Ethiopians when they are at Dukem Restaurant they feel like they are back home."
If you want to feel like you left America when you never left your neighborhood, going to a place like Dukem will help you to escape the states. Dukem is a restaraunt, but it mind as well be Ethiopia Jr. Dukem is a great place to explore food, culture and music at the same time. Don't expect an uptight environment, or even everything to go perfectly. Expect a good time, loud chuckles, and laughs. They're are no rules here and you can wear what you want, eat with your hands and not be called, a pig, savage or slob. What's even better about little Ethiopia (Dukem) is that ALL people from all walks of life are welcomed. The ambiance is relaxed, warm and inviting, and the prices are affordable for anyone with a job. If you want to hang out with your old college buddies, this is the place to engage in sharing not only your life experiences but your food. The portions are large and can feed up to four people at a time. There is something for everyone, spicy food lovers, vegetarians and even alcoholics, there's a drink menu, and we all now an alcoholic or two, so don't act like you don't. Dukem is easy to reach, no need to worry about finding a parking spot just exit the U street/African American Civil War Memorial Metro Station. But enough ranting and raving about great food at Dukem, get off of that round behind and check it out for yourself.
Love, Patti

Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant
1114-1118 U St. N.W. 
Washington, DC 20001 
(202) 667-8735

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Social eats......Busboys and Poets...Eatonville...Stans

Busboys and Poets
Busboys and Poets is too popular to blog about. Between the book store, live poetry readings, vegan menus, free forums featuring Marc Lamont Hill and Ben Jealous, Independent film viewings so on and so forth. I can not begin to talk about how cool and unique this place is, but what I can say is that you really want to have everything they offer!

  • Busboys 14th & V.2021 14th St, DC
    (202) 387-7638 - 
    more info
  • Busboys @ ShirlingtonArlington, VA
    (703) 379-9757 - 
    more info
  • Busboys @ 5th & K.1025 5th Street NW, DC
    (202) 789-2227 - 
    more info
  • Busboys @ Hyattsville5331 Baltimore Ave. 
    Suite 104, 
    Hyattsville, MD 20781
    (301) 779-ARTS (2787)
What you want to order: Gumbo, Fried green tomatoes, Shrimp and grits. You really can't go wrong with anything on the menu.

2121 14th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20009
(202) 332-9672

What you want to order:  Chicken and waffles

What you want to order: Any speak easy drinks and Burgers

1029 Vermont Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20005(202) 347-4488

Sea Foam...springs seductive and shy "it" color

Friday, March 23, 2012

The fashion that kills.....The Trayvon Martin movement

Who would 've known fashion could get you killed. According to Geraldo Rivera, Black and Latino kids who wear hoddies are basiclly asking for it..... I personally own tons of hoodies, and I like them. Hoodies are comfortable, great to excersise in and durable enough to run my daily errands such as going to the store to buy some candy and drinks. I never ever thought they could provoke death. When I think of fashion and style I think of  inspiration, swagger, personality, character and uniquness.  I've never felt threatened by any teen in a hoodie, Black, White or Latino. Who knew FASHION COULD KILL!

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul rocking a personalized hoodie

The Champ Mohammed Ali...rocking an all black hoodie

The late Trayvon Martin who inspired this movement

Listen to what Geraldo Rivera had to say.....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Worst service ever....Thunder Burger Bar in Georgetown, DC

Usually I always have positive things to blog like " that was delish" "the service was great," or "the bartender was hot." But unfortunately the not so fun part about roaming the city to uncover the best and the finest experiences are poor service, horrible food and downright disrespect. My baby sister Jenny came to visit from Miami and like any two hot girls in their twenties we headed out to Georgetown in search for a great burger, drinks and happy hour specials. We walked a few blocks and stumbled into Thunder Burger.

Wow! where do I start. So the red headed big bellied bar tender did not acknowledge us immediately and threw the menu. STRIKE ONE. After we placed an order for our burger, he asked about what we would like to drink. We hadn't made a decision and said in 2 minutes we'll be ready. My sister and I looked at the menu and were ready to order. He came, dropped the receipt in an empty cup in front of us and walked away...we waited....and .....waited.....and waited. No food, no water and NO DRINKS. The bar was not busy and no was placing orders. Everyone was eating and chatting away while we sat, waited and wondered what their food tasted like till we did not care to know anymore. After 30 minutes we just slowly walked out, no one stopped us, not even the bartender who saw how unhappy we were. We went to American Apparel to let off some steam and later at Sprinkles cupcake we saw a couple who was at Thunder burger visiting from Ohio and asked them what they thought about the service. They said "It was horrible, but we were hungry so we stayed and ate." They never talked about the food. After hearing that, Jenny and I decided to go back and speak to the manager. I was LIVID! His name was Stuart and he mind as well have been the bar tender. He wasn't engaged and it seemed like he had heard this complaint about his rude bartender before. OH well we thought to ourselves. We tried. What a disgusting situation to be in. How can a bar tender be angry rude, fat and ugly at the same time. Such is life I guess. Needless to say I will never step foot in that place again and could care less what they have to offer. IF YOU CAN'T TREAT PEOPLE THE RIGHT WAY, CERTAINLY YOU CAN'T SERVE THEM.

Here are some reviews I found online about Thunder Burger...this place really stinks
The worse service ever, I was embarrassed for my friends visiting from NY and Boston. We left before we could even try our food. By far the worst place to eat in Georgetown. I would not send my ex-husbands wife there, and I hate her.
Disliked: Service, Selection

Jenna ‎ - Feb 7, 2012
The restaurant had everything going for it except the service. To begin, our glasses were dirty. That didn't bother us too much. Then our one course meal took an hour and a half, and when we questioned it the server said, "It hasn't been that long." There was no sight of her for the rest of the meal either. She brought our check without asking if the couples wanted separate checks and then disappeared with our cards for about fifteen minutes (after making us write down what we each had to separate the checks ourselves). All in all, the place has potential. They just need to work on their expectations for their servers.
Liked: Food, Atmosphere Disliked: 

“The best burger/worst service I've ever had!”
5 of 5 starsReviewed July 23, 2011

person found this review helpful
When visiting Georgetown we heard about this amazing restaurant bar that serves amazing exotic burgers. Once seated we noticed that the Thunder Burger and Bar is the recipient of several “Best Burger” awards (great sign?) The service is absolutely deplorable…I mean really bad. The bartender was waiting on us but ignored us most of the time due to the thirsty patrons posted at the bar. The d├ęcor is fresh and cool and the restaurant/bar hybrid motif really works well. I ordered the “Pig In a Cow Suit” which was a burger topped with pulled pork and caramelized onions. In my extensive burger consuming opinion it was the best burger I have ever had! My wife had the “Ventura Highway” which was topped with Brie and Arugula that she also loved. If you find yourself in Georgetown on M St., do yourself a favor and stop on in to have an amazing burger.
  • Visited July 2011