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Friday, March 23, 2012

The fashion that kills.....The Trayvon Martin movement

Who would 've known fashion could get you killed. According to Geraldo Rivera, Black and Latino kids who wear hoddies are basiclly asking for it..... I personally own tons of hoodies, and I like them. Hoodies are comfortable, great to excersise in and durable enough to run my daily errands such as going to the store to buy some candy and drinks. I never ever thought they could provoke death. When I think of fashion and style I think of  inspiration, swagger, personality, character and uniquness.  I've never felt threatened by any teen in a hoodie, Black, White or Latino. Who knew FASHION COULD KILL!

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul rocking a personalized hoodie

The Champ Mohammed Ali...rocking an all black hoodie

The late Trayvon Martin who inspired this movement

Listen to what Geraldo Rivera had to say.....

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