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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sade live in concert, if have'nt you seen her live, you missed out !

I been to so many live concerts, but Ms. Sade Adu raised the standard. Hit after hit, melody after melody, I was more satisfied than usual. The crowd roared as she swayed her feminine hips from side to side, and then melted as she wooed us with her sultry voice. Sexy and enchanting with out being raunchy, Sade is the woman we all want to be and look like when we're 52. Just to show how human she is, she was a few minutes late, and apologized to the crowd in that deep raspy voice, adding that she was half Nigerian and should be forgiven. Needless to say she was more than forgiven, she was applauded for her mild lateness. If Sade had taken an hour no one would've cared, she's just that awesome. Sade's music is timeless,and  she's been making music before I was born, and yes I'm that young.
The American Airlines Arena was packed and people from all over the world flew to Miami to get a piece of the action. John Legend was there too, but I mean we're talking about Sade here, no comparison there. As I sang along to every song with my hand in the air like someone was holding me hostage, even my friend Karen as reserved as she is did the same. I recommend all my music lovers to go see this Angel who wears black turtle necks and pants live before it's too late, and take the whole family too. Sade is amazing and all I can say is seeing her live will forever leave a lasting impression. Because of Sade we are all looking for a smooth operator, who's love is King, who will forever be by our side, and who's touch is as sweet as taboo! Sade rocks!


Sade performs my one of my favorite songs "Pearls" Live in Milan

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