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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jose Andres'....Hype? or is it the real thing?

So I moved from the city of beauty "Miami" to D.C, where everyday I discover something new, sometimes amazing, sometimes not. One thing I needed to know was who the hell was Jose Andres's and can his food really be that good? Being the foodie that I am, I had to test the waters. I went to a mardi gras party held for a Louisina congressman at Ozio's and met a Rusian gentlemen by the name of Brian Zaslavsky who urged me to see what the hype was all about, and he reccomended Zatinya. Being from Miami, I love how exotic the name sound, but would I like the food, would I like the ambiance, and most important.....would I like my drinks! The anwer was yes, yes and GOD YES! What I thought was hype turned out to be the real thing.

What's good food with out friends, it was only right to take my visiting friends from Miami, to experience Zatinya with me, and they graciously thanked me for a wonderful night. Where do I start? The menu is as diverse as the city of DC, the prices reasonable, the ambiance fun and sheek, the service superb and the drinks absolument incroyable...which means absolutely amazing in French. The blend of Turkish, Lebanesse and Greek inspired tapas offered option and variety. The service was quick, the food delish, and the drinks .....GREAT!
 One drink in particular kidnapped my heart, it was called "clean monday", if there's a clean way to get toasty, this is the drink for you. Clean monday is the cleanest mixed alcholic beverage you will ever experience, and you almost feel like your liver should thank you. Make sure you save room for desert, because the Turkish Delight is truly a treat!
If you're ever in DC and want to go somewhere as fun and cool as the group of people you're with start at Zatinya, you can't go wrong! I guess Jose Andres' is the man. 

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  1. Wow! I just moved to DC from North Carolina, I love your blog. I find it hard to find cool places to go, but this blog is an easy go to guide, looks like you live a very fun life! thanks!