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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gay couples wed in New York....

Despite how you feel about this new law allowing gay couples to wed and have the same rights and entitlements as heterosexual married couples, it is happening and it's going anywhere. I remember talking about this with an older West Indian woman who was furious and said "God will disown "them" I then asked her if you son or daughter was gay would you disown them or stop loving them she looked at me hard and said" of course not, I could never let go of my child!" I replied saying and that's exactly what God says about us, ALL of us. The point is we are all his children. Being a Christian many people in my life who are Christians disagree with my stance. Yet when they find out their spiritual leader is gay, all hell breaks lose. ouch! I say too bad!  My motto is "love all" and judge not.

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