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Friday, July 22, 2011

Miami's hot spots.....

Prime 112
Here in Miami there are so many things to do, places to go and people to see. Yet, how many times have your nights return void? There are a few places here that will never die, as well as some that will be old news or shut down tomorrow. This day and age its all about consistency and quality. For those living in the city and feel like there is no where I want to go, think again. You should party and eat with a purpose, and be satisfied. Some of you are partying too much and not eating enough. I believe a lot of you have forgotten "THEY HAVE BARS IN RESTAURANTS TOO!" because we all know clubs can get old real fast, but food and drinks never do. Now I am totally aware this is Miami, land of the plastic and perfect coke bottle figure, but we still gotta eat dammit! Through my experience bars have been a great place to chat, network and form great personal and/or professional relationships. Here's an example: you're at the bar, next to some old guy with a ya mica on, having small talk, and through vague exchanges realize you work for the same company, then realize hey this is the CEO at my company. You never really knew what he looked like besides in pictures because your cubicle is in the dimly lit basement of the building. So now this old foggie thinks you have a lot of spunk and charisma and ask you to call his secretary and schedule an appointment to interview for a promotion. Of course you have all the qualifications, but it's been two years since you've been promoted because of politics and the everyday bullshit that goes on at work. This was the company you loved but considered leaving due to lack of growth, two weeks later here you are with you suit on accepting that senior level position. All because of what..your MBA from Cornell...NO. All because you decided to go to Prime 112 and have a Lychee Martini. I'm telling you there is something about Lychee martini's, they bring the best out of everyone. Prime 112 is a charming, posh, popular but not overrated restaurant owned by the business savvy Myles Chefetz. Both Myles and Prime 112 are one of those things that just won't die, kind of like a roach. It's not the celebrities that keeps this establishments image though it helps but the great food, drinks and most important of all service. Yes, reserving a table may be hectic, but that's why there's are bar or you can go next door to Prime Hotel or across the street to Prime Italian, all owned by Myles Chefetz. You're young, cute and vibrant, you should be at the bar anyway. With Jay-z's songs playing in the background and an occasional visit from Lebron James, or Clive Davis, this place is not too shabby. Known for their delicious aged Steak, Lobster and Lamb my personal favorites are the Lobster mac n cheese, Chilean sea bass, Brussel Sprouts, God bless their fried chicken, and for dessert either the bread pudding or the fried oreos. With a menu as big as the city surely there is a dish that will satisfy the palate, not to mention they're perfectly mixed drinks and cool bar tenders. Weather you are visiting or live in Miami, drop by, come dressed to impress, have some crispy bacon at the bar (if you're a pork eater), meet a few people, order a Lychee martini or maybe a Mango chili capriosca and treat yourself to great food, people and service. Just don't forget your wallet.
Me and Owner Myles Chefetz

Prime 112
112 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach - (305) 532-8112

City Hall the Restaraunt

This next place is fairly new but shows a lot of promise. City Hall owned by Steven Haas, the protege' of the famous Emeril Lagasse, has opened his restaurant in the up and coming neigborhood of mid-town Miami. For those who are anit-South Beach, this may be the place you were looking for. They too serve great Lychee Martini's and fried chicken. I know Lychee martini's and fried chicken is becoming a re-occuring theme, but usually if those are good so is everything else. So I ate at City Hall for the first time yesterday with my friend Todd and loved it. The food was good it was crowded but not stuffy, and the ambiance was casual chic, not cheap hollywood which is also great. City hall is a great place for those who want to escape the sometimes obnoxious tourist, yet have a graet meal and conversation. I believe really soon it will be hard to reserve a table here like so many other places in South Florida, so stop by now while you can.
City Hall the Restaraunt
2004 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL
(305) 764-3130

The River Oyster Bar in Brickell

If you are a seafood lover then this is wear you want to eat. The river is another one of Miami's hidden jewels. When I ate at the River with the fabulous Bianca and Funmi I was impressed by how many chefs from out of town ate their too. This is a foodies restaurant. If you read my blogs enough you'll learn what a foodie is, I am definantly a foodie and proud! Back to the river, they serve everything from salmon to conch ceviche, grilled octopus, as well as more fancy seafood items such as foie gras on calabaza pancakes with vanilla-bean chutney, mahi encrusted with nutty pumpkin seeds, and more. There is something on the menu for everyone. Portions are large and there is also a great bar. If you're ever in Brickell and want to feel like your food just made love to you, this is where you need to be.

The River
650 S. Miami Ave.
Miami, Fl 33130

I like to call this next place, Miami's best kept secret. Bardot is where you go to dance, and I mean dance your not so little toosh off. Bardot is tucked away in the cutesy artsy neighborhood of Wynwood in Miami's Design and Art District. When you pull up outside you see this drab buliding, but be not decieved my friend, because once you enter you may see Quest love from the roots spinning your favorite records in the DJ booth, or Talib Kweli on the mic. The Dj's at Bardot  do not play the songs you skip through on the radio, but the songs you thought no one else loved but you, the songs the radio does'nt play, and the songs that cause you to break out, dance and sweat profusely. Bardot has live bands, and great artist performing all the time, in an intimate setting for a more than reasonable price. At Bardot, it's ok to sweat, because everyone else is sweating. At Bardot it's o.k to wear Tory Burch flats because no one is in Louboutins or YSL's. You can order a stella or a heineken, or what ever you like. No Lychee martinis here. You can play pool, or reserve a table, but I promise you all the action is on the dance floor. This is a safe laid back place to hang out and meet your favorite Europeans. Bardot has a mixed diverse crowd of Miami locals, NY photographers and models and European vacationers. Next time you want to avoid South Beach and still shake your tail feather be sure to stop by Bardot on a Sunday night and get loose. 
3456 N Miami Ave
MiamiFL 33127
(305) 576-5570

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  1. I am new to Miami, thank you for sharing these wonderful places. Please continue to post more!!!!!