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Monday, July 18, 2011

What's a blog without a little drama

I mean really...don't tell me you resisted temptation and do not watch Reality TV shows. If you're breathing, own a television, and say "No" you're a LIAR. I must admit I tried to stay away but who can when you have characters like Camille (Real housewives of Beverly Hills), Ne Ne Leakes (Real housewives of Atlanta), Evelyn "Non- m**ha F****in Factor" Lozada (Basketball wives) and my favorite gangster Drita (Mob wives). These ladies provide the drama for us, so that we can hang out with our girls and talk about them and not each other. Well, to my reality T.V junkies ocassionally I will indulge and highlight some memorable moments, so don't go too far. 

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